Monday, November 24, 2014

Cleaning house

I destashed 11,322 yards of yarn this month.  A few skeins were sold, and the rest are going with me to my knitting group to let them go though it.  Anything leftover is going to Goodwill on the way home.   I decided that there was some yarn that I just never was going to use no matter what, and that it needed to get out of here so I can focus on the yarn and projects that I do plan to get to.

I'm also going to try--try--not to buy more yarn until I made a good dent in what I do have here.  I think having too much yarn makes it hard to get motivated to do projects because there's too many things I want to do.  I also have some yarn that I know I bought for projects but for the life of me can't remember what those projects are.  If I do buy more yarn, I'm documenting notes as to what it's going to be for before.

I also left a lot of Ravely groups and Yahoo lists, and unsubscribed from a lot of blogs.  I'm going to start being more selective in what I join, and more active in the groups I do become a part of.  And I'm going to read more of whoever I do decide to follow.

I'm scrapping some WIPs that are just not going to get finished.  I'm going to limit how many WIPs I have going at one time.

I'm going to try to update this more as well.  This is going to be the hardest, between work and kids and life.  It's not going to be so much about knitting and crochet anymore as it's going to be a place where I can dump whatever's on my mind.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I have sorely neglected my knitting over the last three months.   My work schedule has been nuts over the last three months.  I have a strong suspicion that the two are related.

Therefore, I've decided that I'm going to try to devote at least half an hour a day to it.  Instead of reading before bed, I could knit.   Let's see if I can do this at least 4 out of 7 days each week.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hats and frogs

I decided to frog a couple of projects:  Grasshopper's Pi Are Square shawl and my 2012 Birthday Sock.

The shawl was frogged because I honestly did not wish to invest the time and yarn into knitting it, at least not right now.  In addition, my mother has always been a little lukewarm about my knitting, and over the years I've learned that it's not worth knitting for those who don't truly appreciate it.

Though she recently asked for a hat, and I obliged with a watch cap.  Let me see what she does with that first before I go about making anything larger than that.

Grasshopper's Watch Cap.  Brioche stitch, double-strand of Moda Dea Washable Wool in Coffee, size 11 needles.
I've actually been on a hat kick lately.  I started with making one for myself.  Every winter we visit a town in the California mountains to enjoy actual cold weather.  I took Elizabeth Zimmermann's trusty old watch cap pattern, modified it slightly so I didn't have to hold the yarn double, and had at it.  This is what emerged...I called it the Julian Hat:

Julian Hat.  Brioche stitch, single strand of Lion Brand Amazing in Vineyard, size 8 needles.
I went with 72 stitches as opposed to 36.  The hat is nice but the fit is a little too loose, almost like it's stretched out.  I also don't like how the top came out...I was hoping for something flatter instead of bunched.  I'm planning to make another one for myself in the same yarn but a different colorway.  I'm gong to step down to a size 7 needle as well as decrease a few stitches on the cast-on.  

Then I wanted to make one for my nephew.  My sister and her boys actually appreciate my craft.  To date they have received a bedspread, a lap blanket, baby gear, and two baby blankets, all of which are used and loved.  My elder nephew loves yellow--the brighter, the better--and was going to Minnesota for the holidays, so a yellow hat was a natural choice.  So back to the brioche watch cap pattern we go!

Beck's Watch Cap.  Brioche stitch, single-stranded Knit Picks Brava Sport, size 6 needles.
I jacked the top part from another Elizabeth Zimmermann hat:  the decrease is flatter and not bunched, and it looks great when the hat is on the head.  I'm told that this hat almost never left his head the entire time he was in Minnesota.  Going to cast on my hat next.  

As for frogging the socks...well, I had another pair of socks on the needles that were further along, and I figured I'd work on those.  Also, I wasn't entirely in love with the pattern I had chosen.  So I decided to frog the yarn and regroup.  I'll use that yarn in the future, I'm sure...I'm just not feeling the love for it now.

I'm actually down to 6 WIPs:  the crochet blanket, the charity blanket, the Doctor Who scarf (in swatching stage), Grasshopper's bed socks, that other pair of socks, and the Pi shawl.  It'll be 7 if I cast on that hat...overall, it's still a lot better than usual.

I'm also using Twitter more, especially since I discovered I can use Siri on the iPhone to send tweets for me.  Find me at @quixotic_logic

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Changes for 2014

Been a year, I know...I need to clean this place up and start posting here more.  It's been a busy year, between having another son, going back to work, finishing my bachelor's...lots going on.

I didn't cast on any Birthday Sock this fact, last year's hasn't progressed past the ribbing.

I've decided to limit how many projects I have going on at once.  I'm focusing on one or two at a time, with the result that I am actually getting more knitting done...obvious, I know!  But I never said I was a MOTO.

I'm trying to finish at least two works in progress before casting on a new one.  I'm also going to frog projects that haven't gone anywhere in a long time...such as last year's Birthday Sock, another sock and a couple of shawls.  I haven't touched any of these in the last year, so let me take them off of the agenda--and needles--for now and come back to them.

I've also decided to drop the Stash Busting project.  I've decided that life is too short for me to stress over how much yarn I have and whether it should be here.  I'm still offering yarn for sale/trade and I'm still going to make the effort to shop the stash before ordering more yarn.  But I'm not going to make a big deal over how much yarn I have and how much I can get rid of.  Let me enjoy what yarn I have without guilt.  This is one of my main hobbies, after all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another pair of socks finished, and year 1 of the stash bust ends

Finished the March 2012 pair of socks...finally:

Part of the 12 Socks in 2012 challenge
I'm not sure how I feel about the Crock-O-Dye yarn.  The texture of the yarn is wonderful but the variegation is just too busy.  The Stansfield 16 pattern breaks it up but the pattern gets lost with the variegation.  They feel great on my feet though.

I don't think I'll actually finish 12 socks in 2012.  I have cast on 9 of them, and so far finished 5.  I did cast on two pair this week:  the annual birthday sock and another pair of bed socks...the latter of which may actually get finished this month.  I also found a baby sock that I cast on sometime in September and forgot about.  That may get finished this month too.  But we'll see.

For my birthday, my parents got me a gift card for my local yarn store.  As tempted as I am to go shopping now, I'm going to wait--or try to--until next year.  I'll see what types of yarn they have that would make good baby gear.

It's also the first anniversary of my attempt to bust 50 miles of stash.   To date, I have busted 15478 yards (8.79 miles).  Most of that was from sales via Ravelry...but I'm not complaining.  This year, I'd like to see more yardage used in finished objects than via sales.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally finished the baby blanket!

No, not the one for my own baby-to-be...for the the younger nephew:

Same style as nephew #1's blanket, but different cotton yarn and darker colors.

I like the darker shades better.
Same log-cabin style as the blanket for nephew #1.  It may be a bit smaller than that blanket too--I regret not getting final measurements before giving it away--but I think it's good for a 6 month old.

Plus if my sister doesn't like it, it's a gift and she's free to do whatever she wants with it.  Sounds harsh, I know...but lately I've realized that I've got to stop putting others' feelings ahead of mine.