Thursday, March 16, 2006

Granny granny granny

I had an intro post going in Word...but it's not finished yet. So I figured I'd just jump in and start using this blog to track my progress in all things yarn...just like everyone else :)

I'm into making granny squares at the moment...probably because they're so easy and so fast and I can get a blanket whipped up in no time. That is, assuming I'm able to find the time to sit down and crochet. I've got three granny square blankets going. The Lion Brand Homespun one is almost done--I'm on the last row...or second to last row, I'll have to see how big the blanket is before I decide whether to go the one more. It's a rather sumptuous piece: big gauge hook; rich may become my favorite.

Actually it is already my favorite blanket: it's the first blanket that I made just for ME. The others have either been gifts or communal family property. This one is mine, damn it!

Then there's the baby blanket: pink and purple squares with white borders. All Caron Simply Soft...and yes, it's simply soft.

Then there's my grand see, over the last couple of years I have made quite a few knitted washcloths out of kitchen cotton. I always use variegated or ombre yarn, so they come out with a nice blend of colored stripes. Anyhow, I can get one good-sized cloth per skein of cotton, and still have a lot of cotton left over for other uses. Plus I have a ton of skeins that I'm probably not going to make washcloths out of all of I decided to make a granny square spread out of the scraps. All little squares, bordered with white.

There's going to be about 300 or so squares (they are small), meaning LOTS of weaving in ends...which I'm not looking forward to and I'll probably do along the way. And yeah, it'll be loud :) But hey, it'll also be just for me.

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