Sunday, March 26, 2006

My first sweater

I found this lovely pattern:
Very Easy Child's Sweater

I figured that if I'm going to try making sweaters, I should start small and do some children's sweaters first so I get the hang of things.  Then I can try making ones for myself, though heaven knows I've already bought more than enough yarn for three of my own sweaters and then some!

This pattern looked appealing: apparently you knit from one sleeve to the other, and the only seaming you have to do is from the sleeve down the sides.  I'm doing it in the 4T size, using Soft Navy Red Heart because I figured that while I'm learning sweater-making basics, I shouldn't break the bank on wool just yet.  Also, for what the child is going to do to the sweater, it really does need to be a yarn that is machine washable/dryable.

The fabric is actually coming out rather nice considering it's acrylic.  I got gauge with size 10 needles so the yarn isn't knitting up too stiff, and the gauge swatch came out of the washer/dryer nice and soft thanks to same fabric softener dryer sheets. This sweater might turn out rather well.

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