Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Problem #1 is that I'm eager to try new techniques and projects to expand my skills, but I tend to get tied up in doing basic projects (i.e., no brainers) because they're gifts and what-not.  So I end up too busy churning out granny squares and washcloths and not taking the double-pointed needles and learning how to make an I-cord.  Or I decide that I want to wait until I finish the projects I have going on before I sit down to learn something new.

Which leads me into Problem #2...that I have too many projects going at once, but I only focus on a couple of them.  The result is that most of the projects are neglected for weeks--or months or longer!--and are never finished because I'll give up on them and try something new.  So while I am knitting and crocheting a lot, I have very little finished product to show for it.

OK, let's get these problems fixed.

Problem #2 is easy to fix:  I just have to cut back on the number of projects I have going at once.  OK, it sounds easier than it actually is, especially when I see the expanses of yarn in my closet (neverminding the yarn stores!) and plot all the things I want to make from it.  I just have to learn patience and finish what I'm working on first.  So I've limited myself to three active projects max.   For these three projects, I've got my son's first sweater, a granny square baby blanket that will be a gift, and a washcloth so I could practice knitting increases.  I do not count the cotton bedspread as one of them since that's going to take ages to complete anyway, and whatever squares I can work on is whatever squares I can work on.

Which leads me into the solution for Problem #1...because at least one of my 3 said projects will be working on something new.  It can be as big as an entirely new thing or as small as a new stitch, but it must have some untried element in it.  The new project is the washcloth since I'm learning a new way to increase (k1f&b) and decrease (ssk2tog), so I get the shaping without the holes of yo and yo k2tog.

Yes, the sweater is also technically a new project, but I started it before I thought of this.  So let us see how long this lasts :)

I've got some Caron's Papaya (the 12 oz skeins) for a sweater for me, but I'm not crazy about the color, so when the son wakes up from his nap, I'm going to exchange it for some more Rubine Red and use that instead.  I hear him stirring now.

- - - -

Edit: I forgot about my mohair scarf, so I actually have 4 projects going on and not 3 like I planned. Oh well, guess the magic number is now 4.

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