Thursday, April 13, 2006

Returning yarn

So I sorted through my stash and returned a whole mess of skeins to their respective stores. I realized that I wasn't as keen on those skeins of yarn as I initially was, and since most of it was the cheaper-end stuff (Caron), I decided that I'd rather return it and lighten the yarn load for when we move back east. When we're back to the coast, I'll hit my local yarn store--such as the ones who were able to get the mohair for me--for some stuff then.

I did purchase some Lion Brand Microspun in Black for that shawl that I keep trying to do and keep ripping out because I'm just not happy with it. And some Red Heart Sport in Cherry Red for another sweater for the son but which I'm not 100% happy with because IMO I think the color looks too...yarn-ish. It's hard to explain. Go to your local Michaels and look at a skein and that may help you understand.

About that last post...I didn't mean to sound unsympathetic, but the fact remains that the faggot stitch, and in fact the word "faggot" has been around in several different languages long before it developed a derogatory connotation. So while it may not be my first choice for a stitch name, that is what the stitch is called until they come up with a better name. And yarn masters who use the name aren't implying anything about anyone: they're just calling the stitch by its proper name.

I guess I can go on all day, and I guess I'll never arrive at a win/win explanation that would make everyone happy. But I guess it doesn't really matter anyway--people will see in something whatever that they want to see...and life's too short for me to fret over such things.

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