Thursday, May 18, 2006

I cleaned out my scrap bin...I feel so virtuous

I had to clean it out, with the move coming up fast. Moving whole skeins is easy, but moving scraps isn't...especially when the policy of the movers is that they don't like things in Tupperware boxes--they'll empty it all into a cardboard box. So I'd end up with one big yarn knot.

I was able to get one box sent to a charity group that knits/crochets lapghans for vets, and another went on Freecycle, ultimately going to a young lady whose daughters want to learn the art of crochet. Yeah, I had a lot of scraps, plus a few of skeins of leftovers that I didn't need anymore, couldn't really use, and couldn't return.

Now, do you think this will stop me from going to Michaels/Hobby Lobby/JoAnn and buying more yarn to add to my stash? HELL NO! Though I will be good and try to resist, since it just means more yarn to move. And I also want to get some fancier yarns (real wool and all) to work with, and I'll feel better about buying it if I stop loading up on acrylics...albeit beautiful and useful acrylics.

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