Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I got yarn!!!

No, I didn't go and buy it...I am doing my best to stick to the "no new yarn purchases until we get back East" plan, thank you very much. I received it as a bingo prize. There are two delicious skeins of Peaches and Cream in Orange Sherbet, and two skeins of Red Heart in Light Grey.


The Orange Sherbet is going towards the cotton granny square throw...which I've made some changes to the pattern. I've decided to go with two rounds of white as a border instead of one, to break up all the colors a bit more--also, it means that I'll have to make less colored centers since the completed squares will be larger. The test square that I made and washed came out nicely...a little stiff, but then again, I did wash it with the rest of the laundry and dried it at a much higher temperature than I would have normally.

The light grey was a blessing. I have here a pound of Caron's in black that I didn't know what to do with: it's been sitting here for months, I couldn't return it, I didn't want to donate it (who uses black yarn for charity?!?) and I didn't want to Goodwill it. So getting a pound of light grey yarn gave the black new life. I was looking at which Red Dwarf DVD to watch this evening and I decided on VI, which has an episode called "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" on it. The first chapter of that episode is titled "Dwarf Noir", so I thought, "Blanket Noir". Something in black and grey, like an old film...no white, because in B&W films, how often do you see white? I mean real white and not a pale grey masquerading to be white.

So Blanket Noir. It'll be practice in Fair Isle knitting, and I'll do squares and stitch them together.

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