Saturday, May 13, 2006

So this is what happened with my border on my granny square baby blanket...

As you may or may not know, I am hooked on "joining-as-you-go" granny square blankets, because anything that doesn't involve me having to sew gets high marks in my book.  The only downside to this technique is when it comes time to give the blanket a border. It needs a border because without it, the blanket edges are uneven and I think a bit ratty looking.

The specific problem is this:  how many stitches do I put in the joined areas?   When doing a dc border, I tried putting one dc stitch in each joined area, plus an extra dc stitch on either side since it looked like the one stitch alone wasn't enough to "bridge the gap"...and I ended up with 24 extra stitches per side, which was a bad idea. The blanket ended up with a bit of a "flared" edge that didn't look good at all.

So I ripped back and tried again, but none of the stitch combinations came up with gave me the right number of stitches (so it looked neither stretched nor scrunched).  Nor could I get a smooth edge:  I'd be cruising along and whoops, there's a bit of a dip...then it's back up....another dip...up...dip...etc.

I've ended up doing one last granny square row around the whole blanket instead.  That gives me an even foundation for doing any decorative border.

It's amazing where you find lessons to be learned.  Not all of them come out of a yarn book...speaking of which, Hobby Lobby marked its 60% off book bin down to a 80% off book bin, so I indulged in three books, all about knitting:   Socks for the World Traveler, Knitting Mittens and New Directions in Knitting.  Total cost for this indulgence was a mere $10.

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