Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I had the Internet connected and then disconnected so they could lay new carpet. I'm afraid to see how many e-mails I have waiting for me...which is what I deserve, I guess, for not setting my Yahoo Groups account to Digest or Special Notices only.

Getting settled always takes forever. I'm betting it'll take 3 months to unpack all the boxes. I did get the yarn unpacked immediately, and I found all my knitting and crochet books yesterday and got them organized. I would like to state for the record that I am not that yarn-obsessed that I made it a priority to unpack my stash and supplies at the expense of unpacking baby clothing, pillows and the coffee pot. It worked out that those boxes were easily accessible--the movers hadn't buried them in a corner somewhere. So getting the yarn and stuff unpacked was rather easy, and it did bring the total number of unpacked boxes down by 4.

I didn't get as much knitting done during the trip as I would have liked. The spirit was willing but the flesh had too many demands put on it. For starters, I drove three of the four days, and one can't really knit and drive. The day that I did not drive was spent in the front passenger seat turned back towards the rear passenger seat to entertain the crying toddler who had had quite enough of the trip, thank you very much. And whenever he dropped off, I was too nauseous from facing backwards to concentrate on anything, let alone knitting. At night, I was just too exhausted to pick up the needles...so the hat just sat there in my bag in the car.

I read about all of these knitters who go on car trips and vacations and come back with a pair of socks, a scarf, and half of a sweater completed. Clearly, they were not driving across the country with an 18 month old. They probably flew or otherwise weren't driving, and were traveling solo or at least without the kids...or if they did have the kids with them, said kids were old enough to entertain themselves: hand them a Nintendo DS and a soda and they'll pretty much be invisible until the soda and/or the batteries dry up. The 18 month old, on the other hand, wants to "help" with my knitting by eating the yarn, pulling on the stitches, or grabbing one of the needles and going after the cat. It is kind of hard to make progress under those conditions.

Oh well.

I found an A.C. Moore during the drive: it was in South Carolina...again, it wasn't a matter of yarn obsession. It happened to be within walking distance of the motel we were staying, so after dinner I took the better half and the son and we checked it out. It's nice...wide selection of yarns and tools. It makes Michaels' yarn section look like Wal-Mart's. I was even happier to find that there is one where we live, and it's just as nice as the one in South Carolina. So I decided to treat myself to a Welcome Home gift: I went and got some Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn to make some socks with. I just need to find a better pattern than the one that comes on the label since my Sasquatch-sized feet are too big for the pattern.

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