Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Things often don't work out according to my plans

I finished the second knit-from-the-top-down hat. It looks really cute in the Red Heart Sport - Hot Pink. I decided to do the next hat "backwards" and knit from the bottom up. And since this hat would actually be for the son, I also decided to substitute a new yarn: Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Swish (a nice blues/brown striping yarn). The gauge worked out to be the same and the fabric has a nice hand, so this hat should be delightful.

To explain my post title...

Originally the Swish Sassy Stripes was going to be a shawl for myself--the "dog walking" shawl that I'd grab when I would go out in the backyard with the dog on a chilly night. I actually got rather far in it--about 3 skeins' worth--when I decided that I didn't like how it was going to turn out. The downside to self-striping yarns is that they really only work in stockinette stitch (k a row, p a row, repeat). But in the garter stitch that was going to be my shawl, the colors looked rather choppy.

So I frogged the shawl and then planned to use the yarn for a sweater for myself. But then I came across another yarn that I was going to use for another shawl and wanted to use THAT one for a sweater instead, so I scrapped the sweater idea for myself and instead transferred the yarn to a sweater for my son. But then THAT got scrapped once I saw how nice Red Heart Sport was for knitting and decided to make my son's sweater out of RH Sport instead. The Swish actually had no plans attached for it when I decided to call it up for a hat. And when I started the hat, I remembered that when I originally bought this yarn, I didn't intend to use it for a hat at all.

Then I realized that a majority of the yarn purchases I have made have not ended up being used for the reasons I originally purchased them for. Yarn for scarves ended up in blankets; yarn for blankets ended up in scarves. Hats came out of sweater selections, bookmarks from cotton bedspread yarn, doilies from worsted acrylic (more for practice than for actual use)...and the microfiber that I bought for a shawl--yes, I am still trying to get a shawl for myself out of all of this--I'm thinking might work well for a sleeveless sweater pattern that I saw in one of my knitting books. Some of my skeins have been assigned from one project to another to a third and back to the original project again, all before I even cast on a single stitch with it.

Some of my yarn has been used for it's originally intended purpose, albeit with minor tweaks. The two Red Heart Sport hats are one example...though the one that was originally for my son ended up for me. The mohair is another that made it to its goal, though the black wool it was blended with was originally intended for...yes, a shawl. I've given a few gift scarves that survived a couple of pattern changes but were made from the yarn I had earmarked for them. And the Lion Brand Homespun yarn made it into the two blankets with NO tweaks to the plan.

Little ever goes according to plan, eh? I've learned that that is the standard of yarn craft, and not the exception. You learn to be flexible.

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