Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm alive

Almost done with the summer semester...the psych nursing class was murder. I'm just struggling through the rest of ethics, which now that the other class is over, doesn't seem too bad. Two more weeks of class, then a blissful three months off before I start the fall semester.

I didn't do much in terms of yarn play...I think I mentioned Frankensock. If I didn't: long story short is that I forgot to stop decreasing the gusset when I should have, and ended up with a sock that could cut circulation off in your foot. It's now living its life stuffed with rice grains, being used as a microwaveable heat pack.

I started a new sock...and made lots of washcloths, of course: those are easy and so I always have at least one going. I worked on the Pi shawl a little. And I'm teaching myself continental knitting. I don't think I'll ever get good enough to switch over, at least not for a long time...but it's nice to know a second way of knitting. My left-handed knitting is impeded by the fact that I still don't have full feeling in my left index finger thanks to an accident with a knife that almost left me without a left index finger, but that's a story for another time. I'm managing well enough though.

I've decided on a project to work on for those three weeks, though it's likely I won't finish it. I decided to make Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater from The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch. I went ahead and ordered the yarn from Knit Picks: Shine Sport in Cherry. Small problem though...I didn't realize that Shine Sport isn't light-weight, but sport weight. I know, it has "Sport" in the name, so you thought I'd know better...I think I got it confused with CotLin. But since it's too late to change the order, oh well. I think as long as I can get gauge, it should be fine. It might not be as oversized, that's all.

Actually, if it turns out to be smaller than expected, that should work too, as I just joined Weight Watchers. Yes, it's true that the first year of nursing school is up there with the Freshman 15, and I decided that I was going to try and lose it, or at least hold further weight gain at bay. I thought about writing about those experiences in another blog, but that just means one more blog to keep track of, and I've got too many as it is. So I'll just write about them here. of the first things I ever said about this blog was that I'd use it only for yarn-related stuff. Now nursing school and weight loss are starting to creep in it. Oh well.

Apparently today's Dear Abby...or yesterdays, who knows...has to do with whether it is polite to knit/crochet/etc. at a meeting or a function. I may be flamed for this, but I agree with her. I'm all for knitting in public, but I wouldn't dream of knitting at an office meeting, or in class during lecture, or at a group picnic--it does come off as being rude, unless of course you work in a yarn shop.

Mind you, I do confess to walking around the park, zoo, museum, etc., knitting while I chase the toddler down. But neither the toddler nor the better half mind this.

I need to go back to my homework now.

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