Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Going in circles!!!

I started the hat for my son, using the "Knit From the Top Down" hat pattern from Knitting for Dummies. They wanted me to use some fancy never-heard-of llama/wool mix; I found I could make gauge--yes, I checked gauge!--with Red Heart Sport in Crayon.

Knitting on double-pointed needles is HARD!!

Everything is on top of each other and I'm trying to keep it from twisting as well as keep the stitches on the needle. I will finish the stitches off of one needle and then can't figure out which is the next needle to use. When I do find it and try to knit the next section, there's 3 needles in my face and half the time I'm putting the stitches on the wrong one.

And to think I wanted to try knitting socks!

I am starting in the deep end of the pool, so to speak. Instead of having 20 stitches on each needle and therefore having all that weight to keep needles in place, I'm starting with 2 on each needle and increasing every other round. I'm finding that the further along I get and the more stitches I add, the easier it gets. Not much easier, mind you.

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