Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Two posts in one day. Go me.

Why is it that in all of these knitting books, they choose the most obscure yarn brands for their patterns? I don't expect them to use Red Heart, Lion Brand, Caron, et. al., for every pattern,, but at least throw some of the more common (read: more readily available) yarn brands into the mix! Don't use only yarns that when I ask my local knitting shop about them I get a blank stare in response, or that I have to go online to look up whether they really exist!

(And the book in question is Knitting for Dummies, no less)

Or if you're going to insist on using the vague hard-to-find yarn, at least put the yarn's weight so I have an idea how heavy the yarn is and then possibly be able to find a substitute. Suggested gauge tells me little, so would it kill you to put the yarn's weight class down?

Hell, even better: use those handy number codes so I can see a 4 and know without a doubt how heavy a yarn is, instead of wondering if by worsted you mean regular worsted, aran worsted, the U.K. version of worsted, worsted spun, etc.

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