Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warm weather does not encourage the use of wool

Where I live, winters are very variable: it can be 65 one week and 25 the next. Or more accurately: 55 on Monday, 20 on Wednesday, 75 on Friday and 30 on Sunday. Lather, rinse, repeat until mid-April.

I started the Dickey Simple on a week when it was mostly in the 20s, because I really could use something warm around my neck. Yes, I have 2.75 scarves that I knit and the same number that I did not, but I wanted something streamlined around my neck. So I grabbed a ball from my stash and cast on.

Now, the weather has swung back up--the last two days have been in the 60s and cloudless. It's not as though this wool is obnoxiously too warm to work with in this weather: it's just that whenever the pseudo-spring comes into the air, I feel drawn towards using cotton. After all, I'm not going to be wearing a lot of wool when it's 60-something. Cotton, yes. Wool, not so much.

Hopefully the weather will drop back down into the 30s, so I can get inspired to work on it some more. I actually want to make a few of the Dickey von Beethoven in various colors so I can match all outfits and moods, but I figured that I should start with the basic dickey to get my feet wet.

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