Monday, April 27, 2009

Hooking and bagging

Since I'm about to graduate nursing school and no job (let alone a job interview) is in sight, I wrote the leaders of Hugs from the Heart and asked to be reinstated as active. Then I had a little shopping spree at Wal-Mart--I go to school in the middle of nowhere, so Wal-Mart was the only thing around when I was inspired--and got myself a new craft bag and some yarn.

This spiffy new craft bag will be replacing my old knitting bag, which was an A.C. Moore $5 special:

For going out and about, I usually use some print-fabric totes as craft bags/purses, such as the one you see above, but they are starting to getting ratty...and they also too small for holding anything larger than a washcloth or a sock. The new bag is a good mid-size craft bag: I can fit two or three skeins in there plus other supplies. I have a larger grey bag at home that I use for large projects or knitting nights at my friend's house, because I like to have several projects to choose from depending on my mood and how much wine we've had to drink. Did I mention I also keep an emergency box of wine in that bag too? :)

Yes, those are skeins of Red Heart that you see in there. The squares have to be acrylic yarn...allergy reasons. I only got two skeins at a time, to motivate myself to complete squares before I get more. I ended up at school a half-hour early so I thought I'd get the first square started.

I can't let myself get too yarn crazy though: I still have 9 more days of school to get through. That includes two tests and one presentation. Perhaps I should have waited until next week to get the supplies.

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