Thursday, December 31, 2009

50 miles of yarn

Actually, 51.3 miles. This does not count about 10 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun that I have and can't find, one errant skein that I don't have a label for so I count it as scrap, yarn actually attached to a WIP, and my scraps.

50 miles of yarn. I definitely need to cold sheep for a while. I intend to use up as much as I can and purchase as little as possible for the coming year, as well as break the habit of shopping for yarn for all of these projects that I start in my mind but never actually get around to doing.

I decided to cold sheep in monthly increments because the thought of going a year without buying yarn is horrifying, and the thought of going even just three months is making me anxious...but if I think of it in monthly steps I will be fine. Besides, I really can't purchase any more yarn now because I'm starting to have a yarn ROOM in the house.

So a month at a time...I guess this is my yarnaholic version of AA's "one day at a time." Revise as needed because who knows, it may have to become one-day-at-a-time thing.

The exceptions are that I can only purchase if I'm going home to NY to visit the parents or if I purchase yarn for a WIP and in good faith (that is, not start a blanket with a lone skein of yarn to justify buying 20 more to finish it). Last, I can accept gifts of yarn as long as they are in good faith (I didn't hand someone a laundry list of yarn and ask them get it for me).


The thought of not buying yarn starting tomorrow is making me edgy again.

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