Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby blanket done and stash knit-down musings

Baby blanket for my nephew-to-be:

I finally finished it two days ago...and yes, I beat the nephew-to-be out :) My sister loves the blanket--she saw it in progress--and can't wait to get it. I'm going to send it out probably won't make it to Germany before the baby's born, but at least he'll get to use it before he turns one.

In the meantime, it's snowing big time. Keep in mind that I live in the coastal South, so snow--any snow--is definitely not typical weather. Going out there to play with my kid made me think about wool hats...and how I really need one with ear flaps, just like the Fast Cap (Elizabeth Zimmermann) that I knit for a friend a while ago. So I dug out some Patons Classic Merino and I'm going to whip out a gauge swatch/coaster today, so I can cast it on tomorrow. No, it won't be done in time for me to enjoy it in this batch of snow...but I will have a few more weeks of cold weather to enjoy wearing it in.

I finished out January's yard tally at just under 1000 yards. Not even a mile used up. It didn't help that I found over three miles of stash this month, which I added to the total. No, I haven't found the missing Homespun yet...but I did find several more boxes and drawers of yarn scraps and partial skeins, as well as some skeins attached to swatches/samples I was knitting up.

I do have a yarn meter, so I could measure all these extra bits and know exactly how much extra I have. However, I decided that I can't keep adding everything to my stash count because then those numbers will never go down! At the same time, I do want to keep track of all the yarn I am using. So I'm creating a separate category: Non-Stashed Yarn Used. These will be the scraps, partials, etc., that I use up.

The other question I'm wrestling with is: when I finish an object and have a partial skein left, should I keep the partial in active stash, or move it to non-stashed scraps? If I do the former, I have to keep track of what wasn't there before and how much is left in each leftover. If I do the latter, it simplifies tracking, but then I end up taking the yardage of the whole skein out of the stash, making it look like I've used more than I actually did. Granted, it will work out later when I use the scraps...still, I like to be as correct as possible.

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