Friday, January 8, 2010

Updated yarn tally

No, I did not buy any yarn. I decided to count the yarn on three WIPs that I plan to finish this month, so I can have a total for yarn used in January. Now I stand at 92,384 yards, or 52.49 miles. Again, this does not include the missing Homespun nor the bag containing another WIP I haven't touched in years. Should I decide to work on it again, I'll include it.

I'm not counting one WIP (the tubular scarf) as I plan to bind it off and give it to Goodwill without doing any further work on it.

The Yarn DTs have passed...for the moment. No intense urge to order yarn or do any Fair Isle. Still...I told my knitting friend about the amount of yarn I owned (she laughed) and my cold sheeping (she thought I was nuts). I told her I had to do it. She thought it was hysterical that I could string all of my yarn together and run two marathons before I ran out.

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