Saturday, February 13, 2010

The first destashing

I was having lunch with a knitting friend and, purely by coincidence, my favorite LYS happened to be around the corner. We were debating about popping in for a visit and a purchase, but I had lamented about feeling bad buying new yarn when I had 53 miles of it in the house (and not even having broken my last cold sheeping record yet). Suddenly, the idea came to mind: why not destash some of the yarns I won't use so I can buy more of the yarn that I will? Neverminding of course, that the yarn I won't use was once yarn that I will use...

No, I didn't buy any new yarn today. I was good. But I did do a first pass through the lesser stash (read: non-wool) and culled out nearly 1.5 miles of yarn, mostly kitchen cotton yarn in dark colors that I bleed when they get wet.

This brings me to just over 2.1 miles gone from the stash since January: 51 miles and change remain. I'll probably do future destashings over the year, but for right now I'm content with my progress.

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