Friday, February 12, 2010

More baby FO goodness and Ravelympics 2010

The nephew-to-be is now a nephew as of February 4th. 9 lb and 6 oz...a big little kid :) Of course, this meant that the booties I had started the morning of the birth (not knowing it was the morning of the birth) may be a bit small...but I did plan for a larger hat.

I shopped the stash and found a skein of Bernat Baby Jacquards that was gender-neutral in color, and with it, I whipped out a hat in the 6-18 month size range. If anything, if it's too big now they can fold the brim up to make it fit...and come wintertime, there should be no problem at all with fit. I love jacquard does all the color work for me. I did attempt to knit this hat continental style...but it still doesn't feel comfortable, so I only got a couple of rounds in before I went back to the tried-and-true English. I'll keep practicing, though.

Of course, no baby hat is complete without baby booties to accompany it. This is from a pattern I found on the web, designer unknown...really. Scroll down to the bootie pattern and see for yourself. It was fun to knit up...I had no idea until I stitched them up that the designer would pull a 90-degree flip on me. I may churn out a second pair tonight...but the package of baby knits is getting mailed to the baby tomorrow come hell or high water.

With these baby goodies, I finally broke the 1000 yard mark on my stash knit down.

So Ravelympics (Ravelry-lympics?) begins tonight. I'm on two teams with three projects. I didn't really count the frogging project as a project, so for that team I also entered with a WIP. So for one team, I'm frogging a shawl and finishing another shawl. For the other team, I'm finishing a pair of socks. If I complete anything, I'd like it to be the socks since my feet are cold and I really need them. But we shall see.

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