Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sock 8.0 done

The first sock of the pair took two months to do. The second sock took only 3 days. Family road trip up north, I wasn't the driver, lots of time sitting around doing nothing...so yes, it was a perfect time to knock out some knitting. After I finished the sock I put some more yardage on the retirement scarf.

This is in KnitPicks' Felici yarn in Green Veggies. It's very soft, and the sock is very comfortable...mind you, it was knitted without any negative ease. However, the yarn has shown a tendency to fuzz and mat after just one wearing. I'm wondering how they'll turn out after the wash.

This in no way means socks 6.0 and 7.0 are done...far from it.

While up in New York, I did visit Downtown Yarns and stocked up on some sock yarn as an early birthday present for myself. I couldn't decide between two colorways of Alexandra's Crafts so I bought both. Then some Jawoll Magic in a purple/pink colorway...and last, some sock yarn from Wales. That's all I know about it: it's Welsh and it's sock yarn.

I really don't want to start a new sock right now, as I have so many WIPs lying around including two pairs of socks. At the same time, the birthday is just around the corner...and this is birthday sock yarn...

I'd post pics of the birthday sock yarn but I can't find my digital camera and the shots I'm taking with my craptastic Blackberry camera are just that: craptastic.

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