Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do WIPs Breed?

The parents are gone and I have my house--and my life--back to myself.

I cleaned out my yarn room.  It was time for the second cull through the stash in anticipation of the move, and this time cotton yarns were on the block.  I kept 10 balls of dishcloth yarn and sent the remainder packing.  I also ditched the crochet thread:  with everything going on in life right now, I don't think I have time to crochet a doily!  Culling pass #3 will be in a few weeks and will probably focus on sock yarn, and then one more pass at the end of the summer just to see if anything else could go.  After that, I think I will have my stash ready to go to San Diego.  I've purchased a few SpaceSaver vacuum bags for packing up the yarn for transport...these bags will condense the size of the stash and, more importantly, keep it moth-free.  I do wonder if vacuum-bagging yarn kills it in any way...after all, yarn has a high percentage of air in it.

Of course, preparing for the move did not stop me from placing an order with KnitPicks for some fingering-weight Chroma and closeout purple Stroll sock yarns.  I'm so enticed by rainbow colors.

In the process of tackling the stash, two more WIPs were unearthed.  One is some plain vanilla coasters that will be a gift for a friend--I'm using Florida State colors...or as close as I can get to them.  If anyone has suggestions for yarn matches for the school colors, let me know.  The second is a washcloth in seed stitch, because I'm tired of garter stitch washcloths.  I think I may also have a WIP lurking downstairs in one of the bins.  I hope not.  I'm having a hard time finishing the current ones as it is...speaking of which,  no further progress on the sock done this past weekend due to the family visit.  I'm giving myself until the end of June to finish this sock up so I can get started on the next WIP.

So back to the parents' visit.  It was a good but trying visit.  My mother declared that Dale could not have any form of autism because he looks at the camera and smiles.  That's the sole basis for her judgment:  he looks at the camera and smiles.  Never-minding an official diagnosis by medical professionals as well as by trained school personnel.  Also, Dale's behaviors are apparently due to his "being immature for his age."

Denial much?

To which I replied that if it were just immaturity my life would be so much easier...but that she only sees him for a limited time every few months and doesn't have to deal with the daily struggles that we go through.   The meltdowns, the freak outs, the social issues, the speech impediments, the repetitive behaviors, the tics, the issues at school or childcare, the obsessions, the medications and problems with them...and after detailing each and every single issue I summed up with wishing that the answer was so simple as his lagging behind in maturity.

I don't think my mother fully gets it and will probably continue to be both in denial for a while.  But I tried.

Speaking of denial, I haven't been reading the few ASD/autism books that I kept out from the library.   I think I need to get cracking and learn more myself.

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