Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doctor Who and the move

I decided to take the plunge--and at $135 for the yarn it's quite the plunge!--and make the Doctor Who Scarf for myself.  I placed the order from Universal Yarns today.  Though Lord knows when I will get to wear this scarf with moving to San Diego for three years.  On the brighter side, three years may be how long it'll take me to make it.  Tom Baker is one of my favorite Doctor Whos, the other being David Tennant.  But David's Doctor doesn't wear a scarf and Tom's Doctor does, so...

I've been lining up a few knitting projects for myself to work on after the move.  With having to get my son in school and get his special ed IEP set up, as well as dealing with everything else that goes along with a move, there is no pressure on me to rush back to full-time work immediately.  I figured that I'd look for a job later, after we're settled and I've obtained my certification.  I've already got the California nursing license in hand so that's the biggest hurdle out of the way already.  So while I have some down time, I'm thinkng about getting some major knitting done.  Big projects:  shawls, blankets, Doctor Who scarves...

I'm trying to finish up the WIPs I have around here before the move.  I frogged or tossed a few projects that weren't more than a few rows in.  For the established projects, so far, two pairs of socks are out of the way...ok, one was frogged because there was no way I was going to be able to fix a mistake several inches down on a sock with a gauge of 10 stitches to an inch, and besides I really wasn't feeling the love for that sock anyway.  Another pair of socks is getting churned out as fast as I can finish them (thank God for DK weight wool).  A fourth pair (the Drunken Bees KAL) wait for afterwards.  I have a Pi Are Square shawl, a crochet square blanket and a long-overdue gift of a winter scarf to finish up.  Not too bad.  After I finish all of this (and I have 91 days to do it!), I'll see if there's any more yarn I can cull from the stash...then it's pack up and move time.

Off to meet a friend for Indian food in a bit.   Then I'm calling it an early night because I have to work tomorrow...bah.

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