Monday, June 20, 2011

Parents (a.k.a. Grandparents)...I guess.

My parents--Dale's grandparents--are here for a long weekend.  So far, so good...I guess.  Granted there's the running commentary about how they are against medications for Dale, my mother's statement that based on his graduation photo he doesn't have any ASD, and the whole "you're being too strict/you're not being strict enough" yo-yo that I get to hear about my parenting skills.  Then there's the "why don't you try the gluten-free diet that worked for my neighbor's children?" speech...and to which I gently remind her that it's impossible to get Dale to eat anything else than what he likes to eat and to try and force him to eat other stuff will lead to certain failure.  And speaking of those children, I get to hear all about how X and Y worked for them but not Z and Q, and why don't I try X and Y even though I've tried X and Y AND Z and Q and all have failed?  But hey, overall it's good..I guess.

Why is it that if someone knows a kid with ASD--not even their own kid but someone else's kid--they consider themselves self-proclaimed experts?

Grandparents.  They mean well but...*sigh*

Anyhow, I didn't finish my DK Winter Socks as planned.  I did turn the heel though so I am in the home stretch...I guess.  I'll be back to work after they go.  I used to knit when my parents are around but then I had heard one too many pointed remarks from my mom about how I knit too much when I'm with her, so I decided that it would be better to just not knit as much in front of them.  Never mind that she'll be asking me when I plan to make her another shawl because the first one I made her "is lovely" but she'd rather have a triangular one.

Venting over...for now anyway.

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