Friday, June 10, 2011


According to my Mac's dashboard widget, I only have 86 days until our scheduled "start packing" date.  I really need to get started on some more of the move details.  I guess part of me was in denial that this move was happening, that perhaps if I didn't pay attention to it, it would go away.  How much sense does that make?

I realized at work yesterday that I have three months left there.  So the fact I need to get moving on moving has really sunk in.  Since it's my off day before a long stretch of 4, today will be a good day to get a lot done.  Problem is that I'm in a different time zone than San Diego, and right now nothing is open yet so I will have to wait...I just hope my motivation will wait with me.

I did work on the DK winter socks some, I didn't get to the heel like I wanted to, but I'm almost there.  My friend and I were comparing our WIP socks...we both have big feet (10+), except that mine are really wide and hers are really narrow.  So my socks look freakishly cartoon-like when photographed (as you can see if you have a Ravelry account), while hers look like very long and very narrow tubes.  I'll have to ask her if I can show you them.

The little guy seems to be doing all right without being on the medication.  He's more hyper but he seems calmer, if that makes any sense.  He's also become more accepting about the idea of going to special-ed summer school...I don't think he's thrilled about it, but at least he's not screaming about how he's going to kick the teachers and have them arrested.

This promotion at work has been all right so far.  It's not officially announced yet but I did break it to the unit, and they're overjoyed.  They wanted me to take it in the first place months ago.  So far what I'm doing is stuff I already was doing.  Eventually I have to meet with human resources and everyone else and see what else I need to do, as well as sign the paperwork.

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