Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Working for the weekends

Today is my Friday and the start of my weekend: I have two blissful days off. Then back to work on Friday, then a long four-day weekend! One of the benefits of this promotion is no more weekends, and while I will miss weekends working at the hospital (no administration = more peace!), it will be nice to be off on the same days when my little guy's also off.

It was quite the "Friday" though. Loads of admissions and discharges, a few physically sick patients, and a few with personality disorders. At least it's not the typical borderlines that I'm seeing--instead it's antisocials and dependents, which is a nice change. I ended up offering to stay late to help out the next shift since the madness didn't stop when my shift ended.

I have his kindergarten yearbook. His teacher wanted to give it directly to me because he kept trying to rip his picture out of it. I don't understand why he has this compulsion to destroy his own stuff. He won't destroy other people's things but will be the first to attack his own. For the last month of school he has not had a folder for his daily stickers because he shredded it...I guess it didn't really matter since he'd rip his stickers off of the pages anyway. He ripped up his sports certificates, pictures that he's made, posters, books...some things of his I've had to hide because I want to preserve them when he gets older.

So he saw his yearbook and said he didn't like it. I said Fine. He said he was going to rip out the pages because he didn't like it. I told him No, its not his yearbook but MY yearbook since I paid for it, and I wanted it in one piece so he was to leave it alone. And he has...so far. But I'm still going to keep it out of his reach.

I haven't picked up his new medication (Ritalin LA) yet. I guess that after the Vyvanse experience I'm not too eager to start him on a new ADHD med. I know, I can stop it anytime if I did start...but he has stopped biting himself and has been a lot let angry about things since we stopped. And when I think things may just be going well, he had another rough day today--he couldn't decide what game he wanted to play and when he finally decided, it had already started and he had a meltdown--and I wonder if the Ritalin might help him.

I'm still trying to get the Winter Socks finished by Friday:  I'm half-way through the heel flap.  I'm trying to stay awake to work on it after I put the little guy to bed but I'm so tired from getting up at 4am.

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