Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby socks

Some better pictures of the baby socks that I just finished.  Unfortunately, I don't have a baby to show them off on :)
Baby sock with purled ladder ribbing (from Sensational Knitted Socks)

Basic 2x2 ribbed sock
Both using Knit Picks Felici Sport (Picnic and Neapolitan, respectively) on size 2/2.75 needles.  The legs are 30 rounds, a short row heel, the feet are 25 rounds, and a standard toe with Kitchener stitch.  I hope the mom-to-be likes them.

Being laid flat with the stomach flu meant that I've kept busy in other ways.  Besides finishing the baby socks, I'm almost done with Elsie's Retirement Scarf.  It's a basic 2x2 rib with sock yarn on size 10 needles, so it's light and airy and stretchy.  This should be finished in a day or two, and the I can tackle the next unfinished object I have lying around here.  Still trying to get as many of them finished as I possibly can before we leave.

I've also done a few things in the name of professional advancement.  I finished all the classes I need so I can qualify for the board certification test in psychiatric nursing.  I signed up for a pediatric advanced life saving class.  I also started working on the resume...I really need to get my portfolio together.

I can't believe how fast time is flying.  Tomorrow is August, and in just over a month we move out west.    We're planning a quick visit before then to look at houses.

My new graduate nurse gave me a book about Asperger's as a Thank You for all that I've done for her.  She's come a long way since she started working...she's also got a long way to go.  But she's grown a lot and I'm doing all that I can to help her before I have to leave.  Anyhow, she's got an Asperger child of her own and thought that I would like the book, that it might help me understand Dale a bit better.  It was very sweet of her.


  1. What a lovely sweet socks. Adorable colors too!

  2. Those socks are awesome!!

    I don't envy you your move. That's going to be tough. I like hearing about how you're advancing your nursing skills. I didn't even know one could be a board certified nurse! Sheesh. I have a long way to go, too!!