Monday, July 11, 2011

Sock pictures

They're not the greatest as they're with my Blackberry, since my digital camera is MIA.  But here is a picture of the DK Winter Socks.  The photos on Ravelry are better.

They are warm and snuggly.  Speaking of which, a coworker is due to have a baby girl next month.  Since I had some leftover Felici Sport from Sock 10.0--Toe Up, I decided to make a pair of mini-socks. It's a plain vanilla sock:   toe down with a short row heel and Kitchener toe.

Baby socks are the bomb to knit!  40 stitches around, three inches here, two inches there, and before I know it I'm decreasing for the toe.  I wish all feet were this small and quick to knit for!  I should knit Dale a pair of socks.

If today is any judge of things to come, work promises to be very busy.  Fortunately my new graduate is catching on fast, and I'm blessed with a great crew of techs that I respect (and who likewise respect me and the new grad).  A good team makes all the difference between the day being doable and being a disaster.


  1. Oh, those look very cozy!! Sock knitting is AWESOME - and hand knit socks feel sooo good on the feet! The baby sock is gorgeous. I'm sure your coworker will love them because not only are they cute, but they'll probably be the only pair she has that will actually stay on the baby's feet.

  2. Oh I wanted to be the first who comments on your post, LOL , but Julia was here before me; I completely agree with her. I also want to add that is really wonderful colors. Beautiful work. You should always let us see your beautiful work.