Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Warning

Getting prepared for Irene...I'm a little nervous since the last hurricane that gave us issues also began with an I (Isabel).  Not terribly nervous though.  After the earthquake this week (good preparation for CA, as everyone tells me), and living through several hurricanes, I think this one will not be as bad as everyone thinks.  My greatest worry is losing power.  The weather is still hot and humid and the thought of no A/C or being able to make coffee...

We did find a place in CA.  Not in San Diego proper, but in one of the towns outside of it.  Great town, great schools, great house, near enough to civilization...we're very happy with it.  Right now we're through the process of appraisals and inspections and form completion, which is hard when you are 3000 mules away.

Speaking of CA, I did finish Sock 12.0:  the California Sock.  Toe-up, short-row heel, ankle length...and 1.5 inches too long:

The problem is that I don't know when to begin the heel on a toe-up sock.  I followed the measurements in Charlene Schurch's book and got this.  It's a great sock but even with washing it was too it went to my friend Amy.  I read elsewhere that I should start the heel at the anklebone, so I'll try that with Sock 13.0.  I casted it on, but then left it:  I figure it will be a good travel sock for the drive to CA.  In the meanwhile, I should finish Elsie's Retirement Scarf before I go so she can get it.  I'd also like to try to finish the Pi Are Square Shawl...but I don't think that's going to happen.

I gave notice at work today.  I was actually kind of elated...I guess I'm getting excited about this move.

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