Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Virginia (in yarn form) and other weighty matters

I went to The Yarn Basket and got myself a little going away present of sock yarn.  My very tolerant husband, who knows that I already own several sheep's worth of yarn, told me that as as long as it could fit in my truck for the road trip he had no objection.

Trust me, I replied, there is always room for sock yarn in the truck.

Since my BlackBerry camera does far better outdoors than indoors, I plunked them on my lap for the photo:

Left:  Austermann Step.  Right:  Plymouth Yarn Sockin' Sox.

So from now until we leave in a few days, we are living among cardboard boxes.  Almost all of our cookware and utensils are packed, so it's lots of easy foods and eating out.  No television since the cable boxes have been returned....

OK, I lie.  We could have television if we plugged the cable back into the wall, and we'd get the basic channels.  But we're opting not to do that because of Dale--we want him to really learn how to have fun without TV.  And so far he is doing just that:  he's playing with the boxes (making submarines, of all things!), reading and talking with us more, and showing more focus when his dad or I work with him on his schoolwork.  We do have Netflix and some DVDs handy just in case things get really bad, and we're allowing him a couple of SpongeBobs if things are going well, but that's it.  While he scampers around, I knit.  The Pi Are Square Shawl (which ended up not being packed as I was working on it while the packers were packing) probably won't be finished before I go...but it's getting large enough to keep me warm every time I work on it.

I decided that once we get settled in California I have got to seriously focus on getting in shape.  My weight is up...last time I weighed myself was about a week ago and I was 202.  On a 5'8" large frame 202 doesn't look horrible but doesn't look great:  think Pillsbury Dough Boy, but female and with slightly darker skin tone.  More importantly, 202 is not a healthy weight, especially given my poor gene pool.  Then the movers packed the scale so I have no idea what I weigh this week.  I know some jeans and shorts are a struggle and others are not.  I also know that my cardiovascular shape is down.  I've been getting winded a lot lately, I'm finding a new assortment of aches and pains each morning and I've lost most of my wonderful flexibility.  

Trying to lose weight on this trip will be an impossible task.  I can make smart choices when we eat out, but to be honest, all the focus is going to go into driving and getting settled than in what I'm eating.  Also, the move is going to be stressful enough as it is, and I don't need to add the stressor of trying to eat diet while traveling.  It doesn't help that stress is one of my triggers for eating and the more stress there get the picture.

So I decided to postpone any weight loss and physical fitness efforts until we get out there.  I got myself a kettle ball workout set that I'll be breaking in.  Dale has also been asking about a bike...well, he wanted a trike but he's way too big for that, so he's settling for a bike with training wheels.  I should get myself a bike as well and we can go on rides together.

I'm not aiming to be a stick because Lord knows I'll never be that:  my frame is just too big and I like food just too much.  I just want to be healthier.  I'm not that concerned with what weight to get down to, though I can tell you from experience that 150 is a good weight for me; any less and I think I start looking unhealthy.  I will measure it though to see my progress, and probably get one of those little ticker things so I can motivate myself.  Overall, I'm more concerned with how I'll look and feel when I'm done, because right now I just feel lazy and blobbish.  Especially when I look at my lion's, stomach. And I also want to relearn new ways to deal with stress, as opposed to eating and drinking.

And this move must be stressful as I'm jonesing beef jerky all the time.  Perhaps I should go vegetarian for month after we get settled.  It was nice the last time I did ended up lasting 90 days before I caved.

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