Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I can't believe it's almost upon us

We start heading West in exactly one week.  I've been canceling services here and setting them up there...doing that really started to make the move sink in.  We're all getting incredibly excited about it.

Dale is reconciling himself to this move.  Granted, knowing that Legoland is less than an hour away from our new home is the main thing keeping him going, since his Lego obsession has grown considerably.   He's going to help pack his bag for the trip tonight...I'll pack up his clothing since that will be easier, but I want him to pick the toys and stuff that he wants to take on the trip and to have in the house until the movers arrive with all of our stuff.  He does better with change if he feels he has some control, even if it's little stuff such as toy selection.

His behavior in school has improved.  The reward system has helped considerably...so has losing his privileges, as he found out when he acted up severely at school and lost television AND video games for a whole weekend.  He has also stopped complaining about school, limiting is "I hate school and don't wanna go!" ranting to one half-hearted attempt per day.  I think he's realizing that he's just got to go to school whether he wants to or not.

Meanwhile, me...I resigned from work and received two lovely send-offs.  The whole last week of work so many people came up to wish me luck, including people who I didn't even think knew who I was...well, I guess they did.  The pharmacy division even got the whole family--Dale included--a set of Starbucks travel mugs along with a gift card so we can fill them up.  I haven't started looking for a new job yet...I figure I'll get us all settled, get Dale in school, get my psychiatric nursing certification, and then worry about working.

Knitting like crazy on the Pi Are Square shawl...I suppose I could bind it off now since it is at rear-end length, but I decided that I don't want just a shawl but I want a shawl that I can wrap myself in and then some.  Basically, I want a cape :)  So if I continue according to my plan, I have about 60 more rows to go (including short rows to give the back length to accommodate my Slavic rear end) plus edging.  I hope I have enough yarn...I had to buy two more skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool.  Different dye-lot but nothing I can do about that since I purchased the original wool more than 2 years ago.  I also picked up a skein in a contrasting color since I might do the edging in that.

So, the drive to California...it's going to take us a week to get out there because we decided to take it easy and not try to set any land-speed records.  Dale's limit in the car is also about 9 hours a day, and with our current plan that's about what we will do each day.  I'm packing two socks in progress:  Drunken Bees and Gravedigger.  I'm also packing yarn for a third pair.  I'm debating about whether to take the shawl with me...since I'm getting so close to the end of it I just might.  

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