Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meltdown, Shawls

In Dale's defense, at the open house the other night he quietly sat in his chair with his hand raised and waited until the teacher called upon him before he had his meltdown.  So much for being excited about school.

We met both of his classrooms:  the "regular" one and the special-ed one.   Like I thought, both of the special-ed teachers knew Dale well from the testing last year.  The special-ed class is smaller but the room is just as nice as the regular one.  The teachers are also much better equipped to handle his dived in head-first during the meltdown to calm him down while setting limits.  His classmates are pretty nice.  Most are ASD; there are a couple that have more severe disabilities.

He has a couple of former classmates with him in the regular class, and one of his friends from childcare is in the special-ed class with him.  Watching this little friend was like watching Dale on videotape:  same habits, same mannerisms, same incessant repetition.  The only difference was that Little Friend was more excited about school and more outgoing with his peers than Dale was.

It'll only be for a month but I hope it'll be a good month.

I've been working on the Pi Are Square shawl'll be tight but I'm hoping that I can finish it--or at least finish the body--before we move.  The back is definitely not as long as the front is, so I've decided to incorporate 12 short rows (or 24?  I'm going back and forth for each short "row") in the last round.  I'm past the 4th increase and in the knit 48 ridges (96 rows) section.  108 total rows better be enough; I can't imagine doing a 5th increase.  Right now I've got about 300+ stitches per row, and it's going up two stitches every two rows!

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