Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the road

Hello from Mississippi!

Day 2 of the 6-Day road trip to California.  Day 1 was rough.  We had a late start because we woke up late and had to tie up loose ends.  The first three hours were at slow speed thanks to speed traps all along the state road.  When we got to the interstate, we hit traffic...which got really bad just outside of our destination in SC.  Then I found out that my black cat can't handle travel like she used to--I had to hose her down as soon as we got to the hotel.  Dale was hyper all evening since he was cooped up in the truck all evening, and he didn't get to bed until 10.  Meanwhile there was supposed to be Wi-Fi in the motel but there wasn't...nor was there much of a channel selection on TV.  And I was too tired to knit.

But overall it was not a bad day's travel.

Today was better.  We left earlier.  I explored everything on my iPod and found a good BBC radio series to listen to:  After Henry.  It's a dry humor and a good distraction for all the time driving.  We got pet supplies so the cats and dog can be more comfortable...which turned out to be a good thing since the poor black cat had another accident.  We just changed out the carrier pads and hit the road again.  No bath tonight because we got cat wipes to wipe her down.  We got into the motel at a good time.  Dale is slightly less hyper.  And the Wi-Fi here works so here I am.

I feel bad for Dale because he's got it the toughest.  He's naturally hyper and cooped up in the truck all day, then when we get to the room there's not much for him to do.  He doesn't get many play breaks on the road, his toy supply is limited, there's not much he can watch on TV, and while we go to bed early because we're tired from driving, he's not tired and wants to stay up all night.  We're trying to make things more pleasant for him...but it's a challenge.  He's so hyped up that it's hard to get him to focus and listen.

I think I'll take him out for a walk in a bit--just me and him--to let him burn off some steam.

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