Sunday, September 11, 2011

One lesson I've taken home about 9.11 is that if we let this day stop us from living our lives, then the terrorists have won.  That being said, we decided to live life and do something out of the house today.  We took Dale to see his very first movie in a movie theater.  Dale has always been resistant to movie theaters:  the loud noises, the darkness, the crowds...all of that has always put him off.  But he's a big Cars fan, and since Cars 2 is showing in Cinema Cafe, one of the smaller dinner/theater places in town, we decided to give it a try.

It's a nice, cozy place.  Tickets are cheap:  $1.  They make their money on the food :)

So we got in early, got a table and ordered a pizza, popcorn and soda for him.  We explained that this was his first ever movie and that he was a little nervous.  But as soon as he got comfortable, he asked to see the projector...and to our surprise, our server went and brought the projectionist down to talk to him.  He went up to see the room and was thrilled.  Then, they invited him back into the room to look at how the film is loaded and then to start the movie.  So Dale pressed the Start button and launched Cars 2 for everyone to see.

That was absolutely wonderful of the staff to do:  they went out of their way to make this extra-special for him.  Thank you.

He handled the movie pretty well.  He sat on his daddy's lap for most of the film, and kept his hands over his ears until he got used to things (about 10 minutes in).  Then he ate pizza and popcorn and behaved like a perfect gentleman.

Now we're back at home, watching the rain come in.  We don't have Cars 2 the Video Game, so he's contenting himself with Super Mario Kart.  If I'm smart, I should get my Pi Are Square shawl out and make more inroads in it.

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