Thursday, September 1, 2011

School and a FO

Dale starts school next week...granted, it will be for all of one month before we have to move out West.  Tonight we're going to go to meet his teacher as well as the special ed instructors.  I have no doubt that they all already know him though, because during the last school year he made quite the name for himself with his meltdowns.   But my better half and I decided that it would be good for Dale to learn where his room is and who is teacher is and meet some classmates, and it will give us a chance to explain what we've been working on with Dale.   He's pretty excited about going to meet his teacher--he keeps asking when we will leave.  That's kind of encouraging considering he spent the last few weeks complaining about how he doesn't want to go ever go to school, ever ever ever.

We found that the cartoons he is watching is having a direct impact on his behavior.  We had let him try some Cartoon Network but found that it made him out of control--he would try to imitate everything he saw and he would take an attitude with us because all those cartoon characters had attitudes.  And that WAS the Y-7 rated programming!  So we blocked the channel permanently.  Nick Jr. is too young for him; so is Playhouse Disney.  PBS and regular Disney seem to be all right, and we let him watch the occasional SpongeBob with supervision.

His newest obsession is Indiana Jones Lego.  He even sat through two Indiana Jones movies because of the Lego stuff he saw.

Meanwhile, I've finally finished Elsie's Retirement Scarf:

It's a basic k2p2 rib, using Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Sock yarn and size 10 needles.  The fabric is warm but light and airy, not bulky.  I'm not sure if I have enough yarn left over to make a matching hat...I'll have to measure it and see.

This leaves me with 5 UFOs:  Blanket of Squares, the Pi are Square shawl, G's Scarf, Drunken Bees Socks and an unnamed pair of toe-up socks that I started.  I want to work on the larger projects and try to finish them before we go.  The socks are portable and they can travel across country a lot more readily than a gigantic crocheted blanket, a scarf and a shawl.

I did a final culling of the yarn herd.  Over the next week, I'm packing the yarn in Ziploc bags in anticipation for the move.  The last thing I need is a renegade moth sneaking in to nosh on wool while the movers bring it across the country in a dark, warm truck.

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