Monday, September 5, 2011

We got all of Dale's school supplies today...which seems a waste as he'll only be in school for less than a month before we move.  Then again, I know they pool a lot of the supplies so everyone can use them, so perhaps I should look at it as a donation.

I bought a ton of 2.5 gallon Ziploc bags to start bagging the yarn for the move.  The military movers don't just pack up the Tupperware containers because the regulations require that they unpack the bins and repack them into boxes. The last thing I need is a moth getting into it.  Think about it:  tons of wool yarn spending 10+ days in un-mothproof cardboard boxes that will be in a warm, dark's practically a Moth China Buffet.   I would use the vacuum bags but for some reason I'm afraid that vacuum-sealing yarn will kill it, since yarn is about half air.  So I'll be doing lots of Ziploc bags.  I have 40--I hope this will be enough.

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