Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dishcloth cotton socks, really!

On one of the sock lists I frequent, Sailor Kenshin posted about making socks out of dishcloth cotton, as in Sugar 'n' Cream, Peaches & Creme, etc.  In theory, dishcloth cotton doesn't sound like it'd work out well for socks:  no elasticity, it can shrink, the lint everywhere...

But I was intrigued enough to try it, so here we go:
Not bad for a couple of hours' work!

I didn't swatch and just went with the suggested gauge on the label--5 stitches/inch on size 7--and hoped I'd hit, or at least come close enough.  I cast on 48 stitches this morning.  So far, I'm pretty impressed with the results.  Boy, do they work up fast!  I started it this morning and in almost no time I was turning the heel, and now I'm on the foot.  So far they feel pretty comfortable, and I like how the color (Sugar 'n' Cream's Piscine) is turning out. At the rate I'm going I may have a sock by tonight.  I was going to decrease to 40-44 stitches after turning the heel and starting the foot, but I decided to err on the side of a little too loose since I know they will tighten up in the wash. 

If these work out, they may be a great answer for me, as I have a sister who is allergic to wool yet likes whatever hand-knits and crochets that I make her.   She could use a pair of cotton bed socks, especially living in cold Philly.

I had a phone interview for a nursing job today.  It went pretty well:  I felt very confident on the phone and she sounded pleased with my qualifications.  I'm scheduled for an in-person interview next week.  So I have a week to get the nursing portfolio in shape and find an interview outfit that fits me. 

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