Monday, October 31, 2011

First day of school and sock stuff

Dale FINALLY started school.  When we arrived, it was fall break so that was two weeks off.  Then it took another week to place him into a special ed program at another school in the district, since the school across the street doesn't have special-ed classes.  By the time he got placed, his first day would have been Friday, so I told them that we'll just wait until Monday to start.  While I enjoyed all of the extra time with him, I was ready for him to get back into school so he can get back into his school groove.

And yes, I wanted some peace and quiet during the day.

He's in a class with mild-moderate autistic kids.  They'll see how he does over the next 30 days, then the IEP team (me, his teachers, counselors, etc.) will meet to evaluate his progress and see if this placement is the best one for him.  Day 1 went pretty well.  He handled being dropped off without incident.  His teachers said that he had a good day.  He didn't want to open up about it at first because he didn't like that his daddy came to pick him up too (right now, he's pretty territorial about me and is having a hard time with his dad).  But eventually he spilled that he played in some groups and got to check out some toys.

I drop him off and pick him up daily--I opted out of the bus service because once I start working he will go into before/after school care.  And it's a nice feeling to do that.

Dale wants to be a robber vampire for Halloween.  So he's will be wearing a robber suit, a mask, white face makeup, vampire fangs and fake blood.  I have to make his face up in a couple of hours.  It took so long for him to be interested in Halloween:  he was so resistant to dressing up and trick-or-treating until last year, and even that took a lot of encouragement.  This year he acted entirely on his own:  he announced his costume plans early and has been asking when is it Halloween and when can he go out to get candy.

I'm waiting to hear back on a second interview at the local hospital for the psych units.  I opted to go for per-diem right now since the husband's schedule is still uncertain, and I really want to make sure Dale gets settled without having to deal with a full work schedule.  I'm also studying for my certification exam, and I have my mother visiting next month.  So keeping my options flexible is a good idea.

I started another dishcloth sock:
Size 6 needle, but increased to 52 stitches
Toe up...circular cast on.  I tried both the Turkish cast on and Judy's magic cast on several times without success.  These will probably be anklets so I don't have to deal with stretchy cuffs.

I'm up to row 74 on the Pi Are Square Shawl.  I don't think I'll have enough yarn to get to 96, so I may have to call it a shawl at row 80...hopefully I'll make it to 80.  Then all that's left is the border.

I decided to buy Michaels' brand of sock yarn:  Loops and Threads.  I picked up skeins in greens, pinks and a multicolor mix.  The skeins are pretty soft and the colorways are beautiful...and of course, the price is good.  After all it is Michaels'.   After I get one of my other socks off the needles, I'll try some out.

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