Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Foggy and tired

I'm still plowing along on the Pi Are Square shawl, but I'm also getting the socks out for the times I actually want to see some progress:

Sock 13.0:  Grave Digger.  Named because they are the same colors as the monster truck.
I want to do a little pattern on the leg, but I know that fancy patterns can get lost in the stripes.  Maybe something simple like a grid or X-es.  I am also going to try another short-row heel, and hopefully I won't make the foot too long this time.

I went on a book ordering spree at KnitPicks, since they are having a sale.  I got 50 Fabulous Knitted BordersAlice Starmore's Charts for Color Knitting and Pocket Posh Tips for Knitters.  I also ordered a pattern:  Lady of the Canyon Shawl Pattern but was good and didn't order the yarn for it just yet.  I have so much yarn in the stash that I decided to shop there first to see if I have a yarn that will work for it.  

I'm enjoying the week with Dale, though he does wear me out.  He is so hyper and energetic that I get tired watching him.  I'm very hesitant about restarting him on the ADHD meds since they made him so angry last time.  Once we find him a psych doctor out here we'll see how we want to handle it.  In the meanwhile, I'd rather have him hyper and happy than not hyper and angry and biting himself.

He's reconciling himself to having to start school next week, calling it his job:  "Going to school is my job!"  I don't think he's excited about it though, especially when he has to leave me.  I'm going to call today to see about registering him, but with fall break I'm not sure if their offices are even open.  He wants to go out somewhere today.  Later this week we are planning a trolley trip somewhere--haven't decided where, he just really wants to ride the trolley.  But I don't think we're going to do much except go to Vons--the weather is so grey out and today I'm just feeling so beat.  I went to bed at a decent hour last night but I still feel so wiped...a nap sounds really good right now. 

I started watching what I eat last week because I realized that if I want to lose weight I need to take it seriously...and slowly, since crash dieting won't do it.  So I got a free app for my phone to count calories:  I told it I wanted to lose 1 lb a week, and it told me how many calories a day I have to do to achieve that.  So far it's working:  last week I lost 1 lb and got a lesson in how to balance my calorie intake.  I'm still on the wrong side of the big 2 but I should take care of that problem in a couple of months.  

I also started a running training program.  Last week it was all about walking, just to get myself moving.  This week I've stepped up a bit to alternating walking and running for 30 minutes (4 min. walk at 3 mph, 1 min run at 4-5 mph) three days a week, with strength training (read:  Tony Little DVD) on alternate days.  The walking went well yesterday but I guess I'm not used to it yet since I'm so beat this morning.  Fortunately I have all day to get the DVD in. 

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