Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sock 14.0 (Sugar 'n' Cream)

Three days to finish a pair of socks...there is something to be said for dishcloth cotton socks.  So here they are:
Socky goodness!
They came out a lot better than I thought they would.  I went with an ankle sock since I know they won't have any elasticity to stay fitted to the foot.  I used a short row heel because they're not going to get a lot of wear in shoes.  They are best used as bed fact, I wore them to bed last night before I washed them.  They survived the machine washing pretty well, with just a touch of shrinkage; they do return to their shape as well.  They take forever to dry though!  Even after 40 minutes in the dryer, I had to throw them back in for another cycle.

The pooling effect is rather cool in these colors.
I'm going to cast on another pair and play with them a bit.  I think I'll keep the 48 stitches around but step down to size 6 needles to tighten up the fabric.  I'm also going to do them toe-up so I can see how far a skein of Sugar 'n' Cream goes in making them.  It'll be a good chance to learn a provisional cast-on so I don't always have to do my toe-ups using a circular cast-on.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on Sock 13.0Sock 11.0 and the Pi Are Square Shawl.

Dale had a great day's when we went to dinner that the dark side of Dale emerged.   I don't feel like writing about it now though...I know that he's got ASD and that's what makes dealing with his outbursts and tantrums so hard.


  1. Oh, excellent! It looks to me like you have a little bit of a fan stitch on the cuff?

    Pretty color. I think I have that one. I toss mine in the washer/dryer, too and even when they emerge a bit damp I just lay them flat somewhere to complete drying.

  2. No fan stitch, just plain old K2 P2 rib. Because of the zero elastically they fan out like that after's a nice effect though. I want to see how they'll look on a smaller needle size.

    That colorway is Piscine from SnC.