Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Thanksgiving at Casa de Perigune was nice.  We stayed in, oven-roasted a turkey, had homemade cheesecake and mulled wine, and watched all of the Christmas specials from Keeping Up Appearances, since the DVD box-set arrived on Wednesday.  Today we plan to stay in except to pop out for a Christmas tree, eat that leftover turkey and cheesecake, make more mulled wine, and watch A Blackadder Christmas Carol, since for us, the holiday season doesn't begin until we watch that.

We don't do Black Fridays, at least not in the stores.  We did it one year when we wanted a VHS/DVR for burning all of our videotapes to DVD, and we did pretty well.  We also left the house at 10pm and didn't return until well after 4am with our one item.  So no Black Fridays for us...though my better half is insistent that today is the day we go buy a Christmas tree.  Fortunately there is a small store within walking distance so we'll amble over and see how the store looks.

I'll do Black Friday online.  Unfortunately I've yet to find a good deal today so far...I think even though the retailers are trying to stimulate the economy and encourage spending, they're keeping a tighter eye on their own books because the deals don't seem too hot or are on the strangest things (power strips?).

I almost finished the Grave Digger socks.  If I want to have ankle socks, then I just need 15 more rows on the second sock and I'm done.  I'm debating if I want to go longer though.  I really prefer ankle-length socks, especially when working, but the longer ones are really nice to have when the weather gets chillier.  I'm thinking I may just do the 15 rows and call it a sock, especially since I'm eager to cast on the next pair.  Hopefully I'll finish them and get some pictures up today.

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