Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dale progress, scoring yarn, job hunting and other musings

I decided that the best way to combat second sock syndrome is to just cast on that second sock before I even finish the first one.  I did that today for the Grave Digger sock...and yes, I wussed out and went with plain ribbing.  I think I'm just going to start casting on both socks at the same time and bounce back and forth between them--as I finish part of one I'll complete it on the other.

I'm still job hunting.  I'm getting plenty of interviews but nothing landed yet...a combination of a slow job market (for the job hunter, anyway) plus the lengthy background check process (which in psych is done before the job offer is made).  It's going a lot better than when I was a new grad nurse--back then, they'd just groan and tell me "nothing here, please move on."  At least now I'm getting responses and positive feedback from my inquiries.  Of course, that's if I stick with psych jobs.  I try to apply to other areas and then I get less enthusiasm from them.

I just keep applying, waiting and hoping for the best.  Tomorrow I have another interview...unfortunately I'm also coming down with Dale's cold.  So I've been resting and taking cold medicine to keep the symptoms at bay enough for me to be presentable.  In the meanwhile, I'm still studying for my certification test.  I've also decided that if I don't land a job by December, I am going to start volunteering somewhere while I keep searching.  I'm sure there's a city clinic or church that could use the skills of a RN at no cost to them.

Dale's teacher spoke to me briefly after school one day to tell me that Dale is doing very well.  She also stated that he is much higher functioning than his classmates and needs minimal redirection.  This pleases me and yet worries me.  Pleases me in that he's enjoying school and responding better to his teachers.  Worries me in that when we (me and the IEP committee) meet in a couple of weeks to discuss his progress, they may want to put him in a different classroom...and yes, that could be a great thing, but I also really want him to have some stability instead of switching classes yet again.  The last two months have been very unstable for him with the move and getting placed in school.  Ultimately I want what is best for him though...and if that means a new class, then so be it.

Dale has also taken to drawing a lot.  He's filled up two drawing pads with pictures of--wait for it--trains :)  Consistency, thou art my son.

I made a couple of yarn scores.  A couple of posts ago I mentioned the Michaels' brand sock yarn.  This past weekend they had a sale, so I grabbed a few more colors (the grey is not one of them--that's Kroy):
Sorry for the crappy BlackBerry camera pic.

The green and pink blends are truly magnificent.  The others are subtler but nice.

I also received a gift from a knitting friend who I met online and who was instrumental in helping me move to California.  She invited me to her local knitting group and last night, I went out there to say Hi and get to know everyone.  I had come bearing her a thank-you gift of yarn from my LYS in VA.  She had a gift for me too:  she gave me some Patons Stretch Sock:
Hmm...toffee colors...

I'm dying to knit it up!  It's a cotton/wool blend that I think will be great for warmer weather.  I had tried knitting with this yarn before (see the Masochist's Delight sock at 10 stitches per inch on size 0 needles)...I think I'll go for a looser gauge this time around.

Still working on my shawl's border.  I'm going to need to get this shawl finished soon to keep the chill off of me at the Monday's knitting meet-ups.

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