Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Damn Drunken Bees!

So I wanted to spend today relaxing and working on Drunken Bees.  I started around 9am.  It is now 2:30pm.  The yarn has been returned to its original pre-Drunkeen Bee state.

What happened?  

I have to admit that perhaps I was getting in a bit over my head.  I mean, I had never read off a chart before, never knit cables before, and never twisted stitches before, and here I was about to do it with sock-weight yarn.  It took an hour and a half, a lot of looking in my reference books, trial and error and lots of ripping back, but I ended up with 1 round done.

Subsequent rounds were faster, but I noticed little things, like being off a stitch here and there.  An extra stitch or not enough stitches in each 17-stitch section, so I would tink back and try to figure out what happened.  Most of the times I was able to.  Sometimes I could not.  I admit, the times I tinked back four or five times and still came out short, I either YO or K2tog to fix the count.

So I'm up to round 17 and the stitch count variances have been getting more frequent...and aren't getting resolved.  The pattern doesn't look too good, probably half due to my mistakes and half due to using a variegated yarn.   On round 18, every single section was off.  Tinking was getting impossible since I knew I was messing up the foundation rounds beneath them.  

Finally, I decided to call this sock a day.  I frogged it, rewound the wool and went to the other sock.  I thought I was being clever by casting on both socks at the same time, so I wouldn't have second-sock syndrome.  I figured I'd work a pattern repeat on one sock, then switch and work it on the other...and then by going back and forth I'd have both socks progressing at the same rate.

Except sock #2 doesn't have 68 stitches.  It has 78.  Now there was no way I could rip back and fix THAT without ripping it all out,  so I frogged it too.  

After a yarn break and some coffee, I've decided to try Drunken Bees again.  I don't want to be beaten by a pattern!  But I'm going to use sport-weight sock yarn to make it easier, as well as use a solid color so the pattern shows up better.  If I cast it on toady, it doesn't have to count as a total frog.

My new job orientation is tomorrow...of course, now I'm getting all sorts of job listings that would be right up my alley.  That's how it works in nursing :)  But let me get started on this job before I start looking at the next one.

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