Friday, November 18, 2011

New project for a new nephew-to-be

My sister is out of the first trimester, so I figured it was safe to cast on the next baby blanket:
Log cabin fever
It's going to be just like the baby blanket for the first nephew, with a couple of differences.  I opted for KnitPicks' Comfy Sport instead of Shine Sport.  I also selected a darker color palette this tine around:  Jalapeno, Bison, Honey Dew, Ivory and Cashew.  I kept the same needle size and same plan of eight-ridge sections going around the center two squares.  Nephew-to-be #2 is due in June or July, so I'll have a lot of time.

I'll also cast on my mom's Pi Are Square Shawl, but if she thinks she's getting it by Christmas she's crazy.  I told her it took over two years to make mine and while hers will probably go faster, don't call me about it; I'll call her when it's ready.

I got the outpatient psych job.  I go in next week to sign the paperwork and get the orientation process started.  I think they want me to start ASAP since I'll be providing holiday coverage for staff.

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