Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The pre-employment waiting game

I'm still in the waiting game regarding my job...not entirely unexpected though.  I sent in the paperwork for my background check.  I'm a bit anxious since I have two minor speeding tickets in my past and the facility wanted me to disclose everything.  But I calmed myself down and realized that they haven't stopped me from getting licensed or hired before, and I submitted a letter of explanation just to cover all bases.  Tomorrow is the urine drug screen and part one of the physical.  Once I get through all that as well as the second physical, I go in on Tuesday to sign the official paperwork.

I've discovered that the tip of one of my KnitPicks 2.5mm nickel needles is exceptionally sharp, as I sliced open the tip of my finger as I was working on my second Grave Digger sock.  I'm going to have to find out how to smooth it down without ruining the needle tip.

Dale is loving having Grandma here:  he's been showing off for her constantly and even let her comb his hair for school, "so he can be handsome for the girls."  Mention the lovely ladies and Dale will do just about anything, the little playground player :)

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