Monday, November 14, 2011

So my mother liked the Pi Are Square shawl

Rewashing and reblocking the Pi Are Square shawl worked out better.  I made sure to let the shawl drain and spin out for the full cycle in the washer, and then I tried to stretch it as little as possible when blocking it.  Much, much better.  Still longer than planned but not as bad as it was before.  However, I've found that the long front pieces work to my advantage:  I can wrap them around my shoulders and wear the shawl like a poncho.

What is surprising is that my mother, who is out here visiting us, fell in love with it.  She woke up in the middle of the night feeling cold, and not wanting to put the heat on (despite my telling her that she can adjust the thermostat as she needs to), came out looking for a blanket.  She saw the shawl and took that back to the room with her.  She's been raving all day about how warm it is and how she'd really love one of her own.

She is one to appreciate my knitting, so I thought about giving her that one...except that she lives in a tiny apartment in NYC and really has no way of washing and blocking a monstrous shawl.  And when I told her what is involved in the care and feeding of that shawl she agreed.  But she really wants one and even offered to buy the yarn, so I told her I'd make her one in superwash wool that could handle the rigors of the laundromat.

I was going to order some (any excuse to buy yarn, I know!) but after checking both selection and prices online--a shawl that size in superwash is a very expensive undertaking!--I decided to shop the stash.   I remembered that I had a few colors of Moda Dea Washable Wool in there that I was going to use for sweaters that never materialized.  I asked her favorite color and she said she didn't care what color it was, so I went to see exactly what I had.  The color I had the most of was Coffee (two dye lots though, I think) so I will use that.

Of course, the minute I decided I'm going to use the Moda Dea Coffee on a project for her, I immediately started thinking of all the projects for me that I could use it for, including another Pi Are Square shawl for me.  But I decided that it was going to go towards hers.  First, it'd save me about $100 in yarn expenditures.  Second, while looking for the Moda Dea I had visual reminders of all the other shawl yarns--superwash as well as standard--that I had bought for myself.

My mother also kept dropping hints about how she'd love some sweaters, especially the Fair Isle ones she saw in one of my knitting books..but I think I'll put my foot down at a shawl.  If I knit all of these major projects for her I'll have no time to knit anything for anyone else, let alone myself.

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