Friday, December 23, 2011

50 miles

I decided that my goal is to bust 50 miles from the stash before I buy any new yarn.  That is 88,000 yards of yarn...which is a heck of a lot of yarn.  It's also going to take a heck of a lot longer than a year to bust 50 miles, and I probably will fall off the sheep along the way.  But I'm going to try to stay cold sheep as long as I can, and regardless of how often I fall off I'm still aiming to take 50 miles out.  The ticker on the side of the page will track my progress; I can't customize it so it says I'm "knitting" all this yarn when I'm not really.

I can knit, crochet, sell, trade, or donate it...the point being, 50 miles of yarn is getting out of here!

In other news, I turned the heel of the Wales sock.  We got a turducken for Christmas.

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