Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merging the old into the new

Sock 15.0 is coming along nicely:

Love the Welsh sheep!
The more I use Jitterbug, the more I love the yarn.  Pictures really do not do the colors justice.

I started importing posts from my old knitting blog into this one.  Not all of the posts are over yet, as I'm going through them correcting spelling errors, adding tags and cleaning the postings up a bit.  There's a 140 or so to come over, and they go as far back as 2006.  It's been interesting to see my progress as a knitter--and my taste in yarn--evolve over the years.  I've come quite a way since those early days.  

One more day of work before the holiday weekend.  Dale is very excited:  he knows Christmas is this weekend and he keeps wanting to rip the next ring off his Advent calendar.  His last day in his class went well:  his teachers said that they will miss him and they asked him if he'd write them a letter and let them know how he's doing.  He was shy but gave hugs to everyone. 

He also had his "girlfriend" visit this evening.  Her mother was bringing us a Christmas cake, and when he saw she was with her mom he came out--in his underwear as he was changing into his pajamas--to talk and flirt.  She is an older woman, going on 12.  He's always liked older women.

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