Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Damn Drunken Bees!

Drunken Bees attempt 2 was going well...until I got to the ssk part.  I admit that ssk is not one of my favorite stitches and even in the best of circumstances I have a hard time with it.  Well, I didn't know what I was doing wrong but I found it nearly impossible to do a ssk!  I could not catch the yarn and spent most of the time tugging, pulling and stabbing my hands.  I never actually had knitting make my knuckles hurt.  I had to stop and forego my weekly knitting along with Benny Hill because of the pain.

But that's not why I frogged it again.  I tried the sock on...well, attempted to.  It could barely get over my heel.  Bah!

So I frogged and will try again once my hands stop hurting.  I'll use the same sport-weight yarn since it looked fantastic.  I think I need a larger needle though, as the small 2s with sport-weight yarn did make quite a stiff sock fabric.  I'm going to go up to 3s, or maybe even 4s to make it big enough to fit...the downside of having big feet, big ankles and calves like a linebacker.  Also, the owner of the weknitsocks Yahoo group suggested I use a sl1, k1, psso instead of ssk, because it would be easier to execute.

You may think I'm crazy to keep doing it...but it's become a personal challenge.  I WILL BEAT THE DRUNKEN BEES INTO SOBRIETY!

In other news, today is my psychiatric nursing certification exam.  I'm not ready for it at all.  Wish me luck!

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