Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Progress, Dale and Stash

We had Dale's special-ed IEP review.  The consensus is that he's too advanced for the severe autism class and would likely do better in a less-severe class.  That's great news!  The downside is that we have to enroll him in yet another school...that's the third one so far in his first-grade career.  But we want Dale to have every advantage his IEP will give him, so if that means we go to a new school, so be it.  

I just came back from enrolling him at the new elementary school.  It's a nice little school, a little further away than his current school but in the opposite direction from the house.  The class will still be small in size.  It will have higher functioning students as well as students with a variety of disabilities, so it's not just him and the autism kids anymore.  The new class will also start focusing more on academics than his current class is.  The school's goal is to provide enough assistance to help him so that next year he can transition to a regular class, using special-ed resources as needed.  That would be wonderful if it came to fruition!

After inventorying my stash, I decided to start cold sheeping ASAP instead of waiting until the new year.  So the official start date of the Cold Sheep 2012 will be the date of my last yarn purchase, which was on December 11, 2011.  The first goal is to cold sheep to June 1, 2012...and to be honest, given the size of my stash I have no choice but to do just that.  The amount of yarn that I have in my house is staggering, especially since it's stored so unobtrusively.  Also, I looked up my old knitting blog and found that the last time I tried to cold sheep in 2010, I had about 52 miles.  So in the span of 2 years I put on 20 miles of yarn.  

Wow.  I think I have a yarn acquisition problem.  Seriously.

I made a little progress in busting the stash--I have a buyer for my Knit Picks Felici Sport Picnic.  This means about 400 yards is gone from the 71.6 mile stash.  I'm going to get a little ticker to post on the blog to indicate how much stash I have busted, either through knitting, crocheting or plain old removal from the stash.

I joined a few Ravelry groups to help me in my stash-busting/cold sheeping quest.  Among them was a group called 12 Socks in 2012.  I decided that since I have all this sock yarn, I need to make socks on a more regular basis.  I think that if I apply myself, a pair of socks a month as well as progress on other projects is doable.

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